As an editor, I am always writing. I write to formulate, clarify, and organize my thoughts, and to communicate with authors and colleagues. I also write to explain—what I like, what I don't understand, what I think is missing. Because I can effectively summarize and condense information, I often find myself taking minutes at meetings and volunteering to write announcements and reports for distribution.

When I write for a wider audience, I do so because I enjoy
  • asking questions
  • researching to find or formulate answers
  • learning new things
  • reflecting on events and experiences



  • Gearing Up for the Cold (sample) Stepping Up with Literacy Place, grade 7, Scholastic Education
  • Be Prepared with a Survival Kit (sample) Moving Up with Literacy Place, grade 6, Scholastic Education

Book reviews

  • Susan Bell’s The Artful Edit: On the Practice of Editing Yourself  Edition: The Journal of the Editors' Association of Canada, Toronto branch, June 2008


  • An Outdoor Life: Park Warden Jane Park  Moving Up with Literacy Place grade 5, Scholastic Education


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