Di‧mi‧tra Chro‧no‧pou‧los / di-mee-trah  kruh-naw-poo-luh/

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noun [U]  1 editor and proofreader  2 student of event and meeting management  3 committed volunteer  4 reader  5 writer  6 producer of audio and video projects [rare]  7 sometimes adventurer  8 loyal employee [archaic] 

adjective  1 conscientious  2 enthusiastic  3 focused  4 reliable  5 thorough

Usage Creating value and beauty, in objects and experiences. Can be reached at dimitra [at] dimitra [dot] ca.
Origin  20th century, Canadian. Roots: Greek and Palestinian. Namesake of Demetra Hronopoulu (b. 1921). See also: St. Demetrios the Great Martyr, a saint of the Orthodox church; Demeter, Greek mythology, goddess of agriculture and fertility [Greek from mee-teer mother].

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